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Myst Equine Products

New Addition: Myst Equine Products


One of our most recent additions to Cheval Saddlery and Boutique’s shelf is Myst Equine Products. If you haven't heard of them already, they are a holistic equine grooming products company and currently have four products for you to spoil your horse with: Dry Shampoo, Coat Elixir, Anti-Itch Wound and Fungal Salve and Anti-Itch Wound and Fungal Serum, none of which will leave your horse greasy and all of which are USEF and ARCI complaint.

Just like your favorite dry shampoo company, Myst’s Dry Shampoo cleans your horse’s coat without all the hassle of the buckets, water, soap and sponges. All you need is Myst’s Dry Shampoo and a clean rag to get your horse shining again no matter how dirty they got in the pasture or if your grey horse laid down in a pile of manure…again. On top of quickly removing stains and dirt, this product also helps fight what seems to be the never ending battle against fungus. 

The next product goes perfectly with their Dry Shampoo; the Coat Elixir is the perfect addition to any grooming routine. The Coat Elixir aims to keep the overall coat of the horse healthy and shiny whether you are horse showing every weekend or simply enjoy hacking at home. The best part is that all you have to do is apply it to your horse’s coat and you are good to go, no rinsing or washing. You can also add Myst’s Coat Elixir to your favorite liniment after an intense lesson or day at the show. 

We all know that one horse that always seems to come in from the pasture with a new cut, rub or scrape and although we wish we could just wrap them in bubble wrap, unfortunately thats a little unrealistic so that where Myst’s Anti-Itch Wound and Fungal Salve comes in. This product is perfect for all those cuts, rubs, scrapes and other open wounds. It promotes healing, soothes any irritation the wound might be causing and not only keeps the flies off the wound but also repels them! The Anti-Itch Wound and Fungal Serum has all the same healing properties and fly repellant that the Salve has but in a spray form. 

So whether your horse suffers from seasonal allergies, a fungal infection or you just want to keep your horse’s coat healthy, Myst Equine Products has you and your horse covered and as an added bonus, each product contains an anti-itch herbal infusion to help sooth itchy bumps or any minor skin irritations and ingredients that have a natural SPF to help keep your horse’s coat dark all summer long. So if you haven’t already, come see us and pick up some Myst Equine Products to add to your grooming kit!

Tack Cleaning


Tips and Tricks: Tack Cleaning 


I think we can all admit that sometimes our tack gets the short end of the stick when it comes to care and cleaning but with the summer heat, humidity and afternoon showers fast approaching our tack could use a little extra TLC. Here are some tips and tricks on keeping your tack in tip top shape this season!

  • Daily Wipe Down Wiping down your tack after each use is the easiest way to avoid dirt and sweat build up on your saddle, bridle and boots. Leaving a mixture of sweat and dirt on your tack is one of the quickest way to dry out your leather which can cause cracking. By using your favorite leather cleaner and rag to wipe down your tack after you ride, you can extend the life of your tack and keep it looking its best. 
  • Condition, Condition, Condition Often times, it seems like conditioning your tack seems to get overlooked,  but conditioner helps make your leather more supple and can create a more “grippy” feeling when you are riding. You should condition your tack at least once a week in addition to cleaning to keep your leather soft. 
  • Riding In The Rain Let’s face it, in the summer months riding in the rain is nearly inevitable so when you do get stuck in a rain storm make sure your give your tack a little extra care. First of all, it’s important to let your tack dry out in a climate controlled setting afterwards to avoid mold. After your tack is dry, it’s a good idea to give your saddle and bridle a good oiling to replenish the leather. It’s also a smart idea to give all your tack a thorough cleaning and conditioning, as well after being stuck in the rain.
  • Oh No, Mold Being in a humid climate, mold is hard to avoid but taking good care of your tack and keeping it in a dry, climate controlled room can help reduce the risk of mold growing on your beloved tack. If mold becomes a consist problem for you or if you don't have access to a climate controlled setting for your tack, you might want to look into Tea Tree Leather Soap which is anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-bacterial leather cleaner. This soap actually kills the mold spores while cleaning your tack lowering the risk of mold growing on your saddle, bridle and boots. 
  • Oil It Up Although oiling is important for all new tack in order to help break them in, it’s just as important to regularly oil your saddle and bridle long after it’s broken in to keep the leather soft and healthy. 
  • Bonus! Bits It’s easy for forget about the bit but your horse certainly doesn’t, so its just as important to keep your bit clean as well. One product that makes bit cleaning easy is Horse Amour Bit Wipes. These wipes are perfect for a quick wipe down after your ride and are peppermint flavored!


Make sure to stop by Cheval Saddlery and Boutique at the next show or visit our website to pick up all your tack care essentials.